The era of intelligence has arrived, and more and more traditional products have begun to integrate small TFT LCD screens to provide more functionality and convenience. This article will take speakers, switches, hairdryers and door locks as examples to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of adding TFT LCD screens, and discuss why small TFT LCD screens are commonly added to products in the smart era.

With the rapid development of the intelligent era, small TFT LCD screens have become an important part of product design. Traditional products are beginning to incorporate TFT LCD screens to realize information display and intelligent interactive functions.

Traditional speakers usually only have the function of playing music, but with the addition of an TFT LCD screen, the speaker gains more functions. The TFT LCD screen can display song information, adjust the volume, playlists, etc., and users can operate and control it intuitively. In addition, the TFT LCD screen can be integrated with the smart speaker voice assistant to achieve voice control and intelligent interaction.

Traditional switches only provide power on/off function, but after adding TFT LCD screen, its function is expanded. The TFT LCD screen can display information such as power status, power consumption status, timer switch, etc. Users can know the switch status in real time and control it intelligently through the TFT LCD screen. Meanwhile, the TFT LCD screen can also be connected to the smart home system to realize remote control and scene setting.

Traditional hairdryers only have wind power and temperature adjustment functions, but with the addition of an TFT LCD screen, the hairdryer gains more intelligent features. The TFT LCD screen can display wind speed, temperature, remaining use time and other information, so that users can adjust and control according to their needs, improving the convenience of use. At the same time, the TFT LCD screen can also provide timer function and safety protection tips, bringing users a more intelligent and safe use experience.

Traditional door locks only provide unlocking function, but with the addition of TFT LCD screen, the door lock becomes more intelligent. The TFT LCD screen can display information such as password input status, unlocking records, battery level, etc., which improves the security and intelligence of the door lock. Users can enter the password through the TFT LCD screen to unlock the door conveniently and quickly, and can view the unlocking record and remote control through remote connection.

Advantages of the product after adding the TFT LCD screen:

*Provide more functions and interaction methods, expanding the application scenes and user experience of the product.
*Actualize intelligent control and remote operation to enhance the convenience and safety of the product.
*Displays real-time information and status, allowing users to understand the product’s working condition and parameter adjustment.
*Can be integrated with smart home system to realize intelligent home control and scene linkage.
*Enhance the sense of technology and fashionable image of the product to meet the users’ pursuit of technological products.

However, there are some disadvantages to incorporating TFT LCDs:
*Increased product cost: TFT LCD screens, as high-tech components, are more costly and may result in higher product prices.
*Design constraints: The size and mounting requirements of TFT LCDs may impose constraints on product design and manufacturing, requiring more complex processes and layouts.

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