Quality TFT LCD Module Manufacturer

We design and produce high-quality TFT LCD module for smart home, home appliance, industrial control, medical equipment, video intercom, new energy vehicle and other IOT industry customers.
We provide a wide range of shapes, sizes, brightness and temperature of TFT LCD display and touch screen for customers to choose from and can accept customization.

why choose us

Professional service with rich scene application experience

● Our management team are all from listed companies in TFT LCD industry, with more than 10 years experience in industry and scene application.
● We are familiar with the TFT display application in the field of smart home, home appliance, industrial control, medical equipment, video intercon, new energy vehicle and other IOT industry, so we can give very professional advice on how to choose and use a right TFT LCD display in the products, and also we can provide lots of successful cases for customers to refer to.  

Excellent cost performance ratio as well as good quality

● Our wholly-owned full industry chain production line can provide customer the best price and best quality control product.
● We are the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified manufacturer.

Provide one-stop purchasing service with a wide range of product categories

● Wide range of shapes: Round TFT LCD, square TFT LCD, regular portrait rectangle TFT LCD, regular landscape rectangle TFT LCD, bar TFT LCD …ect.
● Wide range of sizes: 1.28″, 1.54″, 1.65″, 1.83″, 2.1″, 2.76″, 2.83″, 2.95″, 3.4″, 3.71″, 3.95″, 3.97″, 4″, 4.3″, 4.58″, 5.0″, 5.6″, 5.7″, 6.9″, 7.0″, 8.0″, 10.1″ TFT LCD.
● TN display & IPS display.
● Acceptable for various customizations: TP/Touch screen customization, brightness customization, bracket customization, customized replacement solutions for discontinued material…etc.

Professional Expertise

Your order will be processed ASAP.

Superior Quality

We have world class testing center.

Affordable Price

We use automatic production line to reduce cost.