Custom Display Solutions

Over the past few years, we’ve done a lot of successful customs display solutions for customers from all industries by providing a professional development, engineering design services. Work with our professional team to develop the ideal display for your unique application.


Display Product Design, Development, Engineering Services and Manufacturing

More than a quality TFT LCD module manufacturer, we are a partner for display design and development. We have a very professional engineer team and commercial team to support you customize the perfect display in your project. We are familiar with the TFT display application in the field of smart home, home appliance, industrial control, handheld, medical equipment, video intercom, automotive, new energy vehicle and other IOT industry, so we can give very professional advice on how to choose and use a right TFT LCD display in the products, and also we can provide lots of successful cases for customers to refer to.

TFT LCD display customizations

Our professional engineer will support you to prototype, design, test, build, and manufacture custom display solutions tailored to your application, ensuring your product’s success. We understand that designing TFT LCD displays often requires unique modifications, and we’re eager to customize something special just for you. Please note that minimum order quantities (MOQ) and non-recurring engineering (NRE) fees may apply based on your customization needs. Every custom project has distinct requirements, so feel free to contact us for more information. We’ll answer in very detail and provide all estimates, to ensure you are always well-informed.

Cable customization

Adjust shape, length, position and pinout of your cable or additional components to fit your application.

Touchscreen Add-Ons

Improve the user experience with capacitive or resistive touchscreen. We can adjust the thickness or shape of the touch panel to fit your design. We also have some special touchscreen option like ultra-thin type and special shape which can help customer to reach a distinctive design.

Interface Customization

We provide several interface options, like SPI/MCU/MIPI/RGB/LVDS and more to support your design and application.

Cover Glass Additions

Add a custom cover glass to protect your display, and get optical bonding to against moisture and dust. Thickness and shape can be customized.

Mounting Add-Ons

We can design different mounting bracket with different shape, screw fixing hole, material to fit your application structure.

Custom Backlight

TFT LCD backlight can be customized by adjusting input voltage/current, brightness, color, LED qty or array and more.

Dedicated to Quality

We are committed to providing the highest quality TFT LCD display products and design services to our clients in a timely manner to increase customer satisfaction. Adhering to stringent ISO standards, we use high quality material, control the full manufacturing process quality with our own full industry chain production line, and adopt rigorous testing to consistently supass customer expectations.

Excellent supplying resources and cost performance

The founding team members have been working in the TFT LCD industry for more than 20years with rich experience and familiar with the display application. We’ve established a close cooperation with big panel factory , like BOE, for a long time, which establish a stable supply chain resources and get very good cost advantage

Attentive, Personalized Service

Our professional workforce – from engineers and developers to sales and supply chain experts – work closely with all of our customers to understand their ultimate goals, and customize solutions to fit each customer’s unique requirements.