1.28” round IPS LCD screen is a small and exquisite display with IPS technology, clear and detailed picture, wide viewing angle, suitable for smart watches, smart bracelets, smart glasses and other small smart devices, IOT devices.

With the popularity of smart devices, the demand for small displays is growing. 1.28inch round screen IPS LCD screen as a small and delicate display, by more and more attention and favor. So, what exactly are the advantages of this display?

First of all, 1.28 inch round screen IPS LCD screen adopts IPS technology, this technology can make the picture more clear and delicate, more vivid colors, but also has the characteristics of a wide viewing angle, even if you look at it from the side, the picture will not be distorted or chromatic aberration. This is very important for small smart devices, because the screens of these devices are often small, and users need to get as much information as possible in a limited space, and a clear and detailed picture allows users to read text, view pictures, etc. more easily.

Secondly, the size of the 1.28” round IPS LCD screen is perfect for small smart devices. With a diameter of only 1.28 inches, this display is so compact that it can be easily embedded into small devices such as smartwatches, smart bracelets, smart glasses, etc. without taking up too much space. At the same time, this display has a very high resolution of 240*240 pixels, which can display more information and allow users to access more content in a limited screen space.

As a result, the 1.28” round IPS LCD screen has very low power consumption, which is also very important for small smart devices. Since these devices tend to have small battery capacities, they need to consume as little power as possible to extend battery life. This display utilizes low-power LED backlighting technology, which reduces power consumption and extends battery life while ensuring a clear picture.

In summary, the 1.28-inch round IPS LCD screen is a small and delicate display with a clear and low power consumption. With the continuous expansion of the smart device market, the application prospects of this display are also very broad.

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