With the development of science and technology, the TFT LCD market is becoming increasingly rich, IPS TFT display as a popular display technology, with its excellent performance and visual effects to win the favor of many consumers.

1. Fast response speed:
IPS display liquid crystal molecule response speed is faster, can effectively reduce the image drag and jitter, so that the picture is clearer.
2. Large viewing angle:
IPS display have a viewing angle of up to 178 degrees, whether viewed from the front or side, the picture effect is consistent.
3. The color is true:
IPS display can present rich colors, and high color realism, making the picture more realistic.
4. Excellent picture:
IPS displays are suitable for displaying dynamic high-definition images, especially in fast-action scenes, no residual shadow and trailing, excellent visual effect.
5. Touch without watermarks:
Compared with the TN screen, IPS screen is not obvious when touching the waterline phenomenon, improving the user experience.
6. Environmental protection and power saving:
IPS display use more environmentally friendly materials, energy-saving effect is remarkable.
7. Color accuracy

The IPS screen is now widely used in many filed like smart home control panel, medical devices, industrial equipment, video intercom, new energy vehicle and other IOT products.

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