First, the structure of the liquid crystal screen

TFTLCD by the upper substrate components, lower substrate components, liquid crystals, drive circuit units, backlight modules and other accessories, of which: lower substrate components mainly include the lower glass substrate and TFT array, while the upper substrate components by the upper glass substrate, polarization plate and the membrane structure covered in the upper glass substrate, liquid crystal filled in the gap formed by the upper and lower substrates.

On the inner surface of the lower glass substrate, a series of electrically conductive glass microplates corresponding to the pixel points of the display, a TFT semiconductor switching device, and longitudinal and transverse lines connecting the semiconductor switching device, all of which are formed by photolithography, etching, and other microelectronic fabrication processes, wherein the profile of the TFT semiconductor device of each pixel

On the inner surface of the upper glass substrate, a layer of transparent conductive glass plate, generally made of indium tin oxide (ITO) material, which serves as a common electrode to form a series of electric fields with numerous conductive microplates on the lower substrate. If lcd for color, the public conductive plate and glass substrate is covered with three-color (red, green, blue) filter unit and the black point, where the role of the black point is to prevent the light from leaking through the gap between the pixel points, it is made of opaque materials, due to the matrix-like distribution, it is known as the black point matrix.

Second, the composition of the liquid crystal screen

1. LCD liquid crystal display module panel

lcd panel is commonly known as glass, it is the main core components of lcd liquid crystal display module, a display of good and bad is mainly to see the lcd panel is good or bad, it will directly affect the picture of the sensory experience. lcd panel is generally produced is a large plate, according to different sizes cut into small panels, to become a core component.

2. LCD liquid crystal display module backlighting
Lcd backlight refers to the light source behind the lcd liquid crystal display module, no light source display will not have any display, and the components of the backlight is composed of light source, light guide plate, optical film, and other structural components. Backlight can control the brightness according to the lamp beads and power consumption, if you need high brightness can be changed according to the structure of the backlight, of course, it is not unlimited brightness, its brightness is based on the internal structure and the power consumption of the whole machine for the comprehensive design.

3. LCD liquid crystal display module FPC
FPC flexible circuit board, it is a wiring density, light weight, thin thickness, good bending flexible circuit board, lcd LCD module through the fpc conductive, so as to realize the display function. Is also an important component, of course, FPC is not the only conductive components, there are some large screen through USB and other interfaces for power, FPC is a small and medium-sized lcd LCD module common conductive components.

4. LCD liquid crystal display module IC
IC is often referred to as a chip is a miniature electronic device or component, using a certain process, a circuit required transistors, diodes, resistors, capacitors and inductors and other components and wiring interconnections together, made in a small or several small semiconductor wafers or dielectric substrate, and then encapsulated in a casing, to become a miniature structure with the required circuit function. With it any function can be realized.

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